Assignments & Handouts

Nature of Science

Chapter 1: Matter and Atoms

Chapter 2: States of Matter

Chapter 3: The Periodic Table

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Chapter 4: Elements and Chemical Bonds

Chp 5: Chemical Reactions and Equations

Chapter 10: Reproduction of Organisms

Chapter 11: Genetics

Chp 9: Environmental Impacts

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Make-up Work/Late Work:

If you miss a day of school please look in the correct folder to find any papers you need. You will have the number of school days missed to make up your work. It is your responsibility to make sure you copy any notes you missed and turn in all assignments that were due while you were gone. Assignments will be considered late if not turned in during the allowable make-up days.

Late work will be penalized unless you discuss the issue with me before the assignment is due. Fifty percent of the total grade will be lost if a homework assignment is turned in late. No work will be accepted for a chapter after that chapter’s test unless discussed with me. Late work completed at PASS will receive a 40% reduction instead of a 50% reduction. Work from previous chapters will be accepted if completed at PASS.